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Monday, September 14, 2009

why no, not me!

so i could tell you the millions of things i didn't do all last week, but i've got enough going on this morning to rock it! read on for what i'm not admitting to this morning, and you can jump on over to mckmama who started all of this. there's alot of funny stuff we're not admitting to, so go check it out over there.
who was that burying her head in the sand as the water pooled up in her laundry room for the umpteenth time? although she and her hubster did pull out the washer and all of the stuff from under the sink and and feel around and see no offending appliance spewing water. . . the floor was dried (again) and all was well again in suburbia.
the water DID NOT pool up again. (okay, it did) she and the hubster did not pull the couch away from the wall in the adjacent den only to find BLACK MOLD growing up the wall.
water problem? we don' t have a water problem!! no, not us!! (and yes, it's cruel irony that i should have black mold growing in my home after blogging about it just last week)
i certainly don't have dollar bill signs flying around my head to adding to the broken finger/pin insertion/removal surgeries and two children in college tuitions. no that would make me dizzy and nauseous. and i'm not the least bit sick to my stomach over this. nope, not me!!
because i take life one day at a time and never worry or wonder how we're going to make it. i would never lose sleep over this or any other crisis. that's sooooo unlike me!
i did not have to cut bama girl's celebratory phone call short because three weiner dogs were going crazy at the front door. i would not rather have whooped and hollered over a 97 on her first chemisty exam in college than corral crazy dogs!
but i did not do my own victory dance on the threshold of my home (before opening the door, of course) when i discovered the plumber had arrived just after nine, and not closer to one o'clock. i never win that service call lottery that says someone will be there between nine and one and have someone arrive early. . . that would never be me!
and i did not watch this video three times. that would be a waste of my day!! i am not completely captivated over how they got 20,000 people to do this. . . and i did not groan because i tried to embed the video right here only to have it wipe out my whole post. grrr.
click on the link. you won't be disappointed!


  1. wow sounds like you are a bit stressed too! Yay bama girl for getting such an awesome grade! that is horrible about the mold. what are you going to have to do to get rid of it???

  2. Mold. HA. I immediately thought of your moldy posts! How do you get rid of it?

    I watched Oprah today. I'd kept hearing about how amazing it was... one friend was in tears!? It was pretty amazing!!!

    I love your new layout BTW:) So cheery. I imagine it greatly depicts who you are on the inside:)

  3. 97????

    Whoopin' and hollerin' here for her! How proud you must be! Chem? Good grief, I never took a chem class in my life. She's brilliant!

  4. Sorry to hear about the mold. That's a bummer, and I know when finances start piling up, it can feel pretty overwhelming. Just remember God's in control!

    And congrats to your daughter on her chem test grade. That's awesome!

    Also, thanks for sharing that video. It made my morning!!


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