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Monday, September 7, 2009

out of juice

the holiday weekend got off to a glorious start as we welcomed not one, but both of the offspring home. bama girl swooped in at about 10, and stayed long enough to drop off her bags and show off a few of her new sorority things, then was out the door and off to see her friends.
i must say i do enjoy their time away at school, because it spares me the need to worry about where they are at 1 or 2 am. i'm not a big fan of being out late.

y'know what they say. . . nothing good happens after midnight.
but you know what young adults say. . .

nothing hardly gets started before midnight!

oh to be young again.
no, wait. i'm pretty much glad i'm not that age anymore!

saturday dawned bright and we were out the door before i had time to even get in a cup of coffee. (thank goodness for togo cups with lids!) first UT football game of the season, kick off at 12:30, which meant we had to be at the stadium before 9. We have four huge stores at the stadium, and it's always good to make sure that every stand has their ducks in a row before gametime. i had some marketing stuff to put up and lots of ground to cover. i got a workout in before the game even started!
the lane kiffin era started off well, as UT smeared western kentucky, 63 - 7. hard to judge the season by this game, but it was a good romping, something vol fans have been hungry for for the last few years. next week will be a better barometer of the season as we'll be playing UCLA.
we ended up leaving before the end of the game and went to tailgate with meeka and pops, the hubster's parents and their friends. it was nice not to have to fight traffic after the game, and it's always great to see the folks and hang out.
i was excited to take some shots of the game and the new gazillion dollar jumbotron, but i neglected to check my battery the night before, and i wasn't able to snap even one photo. made me glad i dragged my huge nikon SLR out to the stadium (not). grrrrr.
by the time we got home, i was ready for a shower and some chill time. we hung around the house and got a chance to see the kids for awhile before the action started up again about mid way through the bama game. the hubster and i watched that (good game!) and then off to bed.
church with the fam and then our favorite after church lunch spot. . . taste of thai. we're all crazy for TOT and since bamagirl was in town, we splurged.
after a baby shower, we parted ways and the kids left for boomsday down on the riverfront,
Photo by Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation
and the hubster and i went to a movie. i had had about enough of fighting crowds for a weekend and had no interest in hanging out with 300,000 people to see the fireworks. it is an impressive, 30 minute pryotechnic display of amazement (the largest labor day fireworks in the nation) but i figured we would live if we missed it. the kids returned with friends in tow and our house was alive with the sounds of laughter and exchanges of college experiences.
boy wonder and his gf went back to chattanooga late last nite and bama girl loaded up her wares and hooked up with her roommates to go back to tuscaloosa around noon.
the house is quiet again.
they swoop in like locusts, but it's a happy little swarm.
i can't wait untill they descend again. i'll make sure i have lots of food.
college kids love them some home-cooked food. and snacks. and drinks. and cookies. and popcorn. . .

college kids just love food!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! Love your layout. :)

  2. I got tired just reading that! :)

  3. I'm glad you had such a good weekend - it sounds like a lot of fun!

    And I used to roll my eyes at my dad all the time when he'd say "nothing good happens after 10 PM" (yes, he really said 10, not midnight). However, I'm now convinced that he was right. My husband and I rarely go out that late anymore anyway! (And when we do, we're amazed at how many people are out and about.)


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