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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Edition I

Courtsey of Izzy 'N Emmy

1. Icy: the weather in wisconsin = why i moved away

2. Immortal: my Lord and Savior

3. Ice Cream: guilty pleasure. must. avoid. at. all. costs.

4. Intoxicating: warm bath with aromatic oils

5. Insane: fighting the football game and boomsday traffic and crowds this weekend

6. Imaginary: what i call all my blog-world friends. . . my imaginary friends

7. Ikea: heaven. on. earth.

8. Internet: lifeline to a SAHWM (like i actually have kids here, but i am still a mom!)

9. Idiot: me forgetting to send in a credit card bill on time. grrrrr. slap head.

10. Independent: our new college student daughter. does. not. call. = independent & happy!! :-D

11. Intelligent: the creater of the carseat/stroller combo. kicking myself while slapping my head

12. Illinois: the state to hate if you're from wisconsin. sorry, not my idea. it's a state rule.

13. Ill: hoping and praying my kids can avoid the swine flu this year.

And there you have it....the [I's]
If you are playing along just link below. (i hope)

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