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Monday, January 26, 2009

authority issues

in reading a blog this morning about exodus 33 and how God told  moses that they could have the promised land, but because the people were giving him a huge headache in their continued disobedience, he said you can have it but i'm out. love ya. mean it. bye. and moses says uh, it's not the same without you, and pleads to see God's glory. and she (the blogger) talked about how she too, wanted to see God's glory.
i've been hanging out in exodus and leviticus in BSF this year as we study the life of moses. it's some pretty amazing stuff, and i reallly love the story she described. i love the end of exodus even more, as the israelites proved they could obey as they built the ark, the tent of meeting, the table for the offerings, etc. by folllowing God's instructions explicitly. and God's glory descends on them. 
as i marvel at that and what that must have been like, i realized that i was not all about wanting that for myself. 
why is that?
well, as i thought more about it, it comes down to obedience. and bending the knee. i'm still having authority issues. and i'm aware of it (which i guess is a good beginning).
i'll be working on that whole "dying to self" thing today.
i am pretty excited about the holy spirit's involvement in this. because i sure couldn't do it without Him.

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  1. we tend to wonder in the wilderness quite a bit... we need to remember when we tend to linger in the moments that do not matter in the grand scheme of things to "get outta Egypt!"


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