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Sunday, January 25, 2009

sabbath breaking

thou shalt not work on a sunday. i wonder if that includes blogging? well in between church, lunch and lifegroups tonite, i am finding that in order to host girls at the house tonite, i am going to have to shovel out some stuff, tackle the dust bunnies and perhaps put something on for dinner. 

i haven't seen revolutionary road yet, but i am feeling very much in the lame mundaneness of dust and feeding time.

but wait. . . 

i'm thankful for a healthy family, for food in the pantry, for heat on a cold day, for a vacuum that works, swiffers in the box, ummmm the backed up pipe in the bathroom is (hopefully) unclogged and no longer dripping on my workspace.

i'm thankful that there will be more football next weekend (i'll mourn the passing of football at a later date). i'm thankful for the housefull of girls i'll have at the house later and for the opportunity to speak truth into their lives.

i'm thankful that i know my lord and savior, sad that i yelled at my daughter on the sabbath, happy that He loves me despite my shortcomings.

let this be a reminder to me that i shall work harder next week to be ready for the sabbath. it is sooooo worth it.

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