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Monday, January 19, 2009

snow day like a snow day!!

woke up to the most glorious sight… snow!! pretty much the sentiment in these parts is: if it's gonna be this stinkin' cold, then it may as well snow! and it did!! all day long!

the party actually began last friday when they didn't actually call off school. what they did was give parents the discretion. translation: stay home. no one is going anyway. and if you do go, they're going to reteach all the material anyway. so basically, it was a snow day. add in a day off for MLK day and a whole day with flakes… well, school has been called off for tomorrow.

mind you, there isn't a flake on the street. not a one. but when you live in tennessee, it doesn't take much. 

and i'd be surprised if there's any milk, bread or eggs left in the krogers.

kinda makes me wonder… do people just stay home and make french toast??

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