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Friday, January 30, 2009

still waters

TGIF or THANK GOD, period.

it's been a struggle-filled week with a graduating senior, but overall, nothing to complain about, really.

i mentioned several things yesterday that i was thankful for, so i won't rehash.

but one of the first things i am thankful for is for our health. that i don't have to learn big ugly words that i have to google and then get shivers as i understand their meanings.

i'm thankful for the stress i have with my job. i have one. praise God!!

i'm thankful for our son who is away at college and still calls, just to chat.

i'm thankful for heat in our home, insullation against the cold, and comfort that i take for granted and even gripe about. it reminds me to pray for a family with 8 children who has lost everything in a house fire.

as much as i get kind of melancholy over the mundaneness (is that even a word?) of my life, i am CELEBRATING today. how in the world could i EVER complain about not suffering?? shame on me!! i am entirely grateful that i receive God's blessings and not what i deserve.

so Lord, thank you for normal, for an even-keel, for relatively smooth waters. i am on my knees thanking.

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