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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

focus now… try really hard…

it's not an official diagnosis. but i'm convinced i have it. 

in conversations…

in projects…

at work…

in the kitchen…

if i think it, i go there.

and when i'm on the computer, if i think about it, i CAN go there! so yes, focusing is a struggle for me.

i'm scattered.

i'm smothered.

mmmmm. did someone say waffle house?


  1. Ummm...okay...I just found you through MckMama's blog frog thingy. I know you only started this blog like a couple of days ago, but I already love it! Love your style of writing, your voice, what you have to say. And that's just the first three posts! :) Plus, we follow a couple of the same blogs. SO, I became your first official follower. Hope you don't mind!

    I'm praying for Abby, too. :)


  2. thanks for the encouragement! it means the world to me!!


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