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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

baby, it's cold outside!

snow has been on the brain here. and it's little wonder. heck, i don't think we get to see it every winter, so when it happens, it's a novelty. and by the time it's old news, it's usually long melted.

let the dogs out. brrrr. and yet one wandered off and was gone for a half hour. little dogs in 20 degree weather. it must have been important, because i sure was ready to come in!

believe it or not, i'm out of milk. which means i have to go to the grocery store. one of the more loathsome tasks i have. but in the spirit of considering my life in the context of being thankful in all circumstances, perhaps it is a time to be thankful that i have 4 wheel drive, heat in the car (and bunwarmers), and money in my account to pay for my sundries.

kinda makes me wish i was here:

sunday nite was the fourth annual christmas tree inferno. 412 trees. ablaze. not only was it amazing, but it was nice and toasty. and we didn't have to put another log on the fire all night long.


i was also struck by how noisy fires are. the needles crackled like miniature fire crackers (very minature) and as i stood and watched the flames, stepped back as my face was too hot to even face the flames, i couldn't help but think of the family that stood and watched their log home be consumed by fire. the sounds must have been heartbreaking.  everything. gone. but they are all okay, and are praising His protection and provision. 


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