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Monday, February 2, 2009


imagine my surprise as i came upstairs from the cave (an affectionate name for my office, located in the basement of our home, which sadly, has no windows) and discoved it to be pouring. snow!

twice in two weeks!? it's unheard of!! snapped a few pics and OOPS! battery died. grrrr. off to charge.


spent a bit more time checking in on my blogfriends, which caused me to do a bit of a… well soulsearch sounds too dramatic… but it did cause me to pause and ponder. yeah. i like that. P&P. 

am i weird? is it because i work from home and have no real outside connections other than my friends who ahem, don't even know i exist? am i sort of some kind of blogstalker? is that creepy?

am i drawn to these personal interest stories to remind myself that my life is pretty dang good? that my kids are normal and that i should thank my lucky stars that all i have to complain about is an office with no windows, a dog that has RANK puppy gaseous emmissions, and a fledgling chick trying to spread her wings with no concern over who she smacks in the process? or is it because i'm being reminded that i am called to pray.

i like to think it is the latter. and i am praying for them. but it almost makes me afraid to check out a link on any of my "friends" sites in case i find another compelling story. 

i do, remember, have work to do.

so i'll avoid the temptation to go build a snowman outside (hopefully the kids will have better results than this attempt) and stay focused on what needs to get done, and be joyful over the falling whiteness. a reminder of how my precious savior has washed me… whiter than snow.

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