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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 things

well, after getting tagged about 25 times on facebook with this exercise, i felt like it was time. so i caved into peer pressure and did it. so i'm gonna post it here too. . .

not that anyone will actually see it. but oh well, it's here anyway!

1. i am seriously uncomfortable with this exercise
2. i really am not happy being cold. always cold. so living up north is not an option. ever.
3. i met/shared an elevator with paul schaffer (of david letterman fame) at the gramercy park hotel and was slightly grossed out at the amount of ear hair he had, and how short he is. but i was impressed by how attentive he was to his aunt and uncle.
4. i have a thing about paper. i love paper and collect it, but have a really hard time using it because i don’t want to “ruin” it.
5. i am a sufferer of scrapbookaphobia, with a side of whatever the fear of public speaking is called and throw in a dose of pee-in-pants aversion to spiders and all things crawly (except babies). 
6. i love to cook but am not so crazy about recipes.
7. i love to work with my hands…knitting, sewing, papercrafting (even better if it’s someone else’s paper! see #4)
8. i moved five times in seven years, which made middle school and high school a social nightmare. but then so did #9 and 10.
9. spent an entire summer of middle school in a body cast. lamest summer ever.
10. spent six months of my freshman year in a body cast. yes. at school. social suicide. my life was hell for a year.
11. took ballet and began to cheerlead simply to get movement and muscle tone in my left side after being temporarily paralyzed before #10. needless to say, the backbend was not one of my strong points.
12. developed a keen ability to laugh at myself (see # 8, 9, 10). then when people laugh, it feels like they’re laughing with you. 
13. terribly insecure about my design ability.
14. talk incessantly especially when i’m nervous.
15. would read all day if i could get away with it.
16. love movies. especially the art-house variety.
17. had a dog growing up which my parents ended up giving away for some lame reason like wanting to travel. not quite sure i’ve ever forgiven them for that lapse of judgement.
18. i adore football. college, pro. it’s all good. love the titans, colts, packers (hey i’m from wisconsin, it’s a rule) and have a soft spot for the dolphins. hate/detest the bears (hey i’m from wisconsin. it’s a rule), vikings, and patriots. dallas. . . umm not so much.
19. i love music and it pains me greatly to have to be an appreciator instead of someone who can just play.
20. i like opera. after listening to it blared out the rooftops of my home every saturday will do that to you. it makes me remember my parent.
21. the halleluia chorus to the messiah gives me cold chills and often makes me cry. my parents both loved, loved, loved the messiah.
22. would live in china if i could.
23. would adopt about 3 more kids if i could. financially, very unlikely.
24. love to write almost as much as i love to read.
25. am secretly afraid of colors. (huh, well, i guess that’s not a secret anymore!)

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny and I wish I could write like you! #4 is my favorite because I am soooo OCD that if I start to write my name and the R is crooked I throw the piece of paper away! I go through paper like it is nothing and you are over there being a paper saver..#15. Did you ever finish Eclipse? #18 you know you could have just left the Cowboys out of it.


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