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Friday, February 20, 2009

giving away a freebie

no, not me. i really have nothing to offer in that area. actually, it's a new blogfriend of mine, over at pennylanedesigns. she's offering up a free blog makeover (and i would really like one of those!!) so i entered, and all three of you who actually read my blog should head over there, too, unless of course, you already have a cool looking blog!!

so, i'd blog more, but really, today i'm muddling through my day with a pretty vicious migraine. i should take some real medicine, but since the prescription is sitting here on my desk instead of at the pharmacy, i guess excedrine migraine will have to do.

i have lots going through my head (not anything new for me and my friend A.D.D.) and one of these days i'll take a moment to share. in the middle of ice picks in the left eye and the vice grip attached to my temples, i'm going to try to knock out a little bit more work and then go to sleep with an icepack. mmmmm now that sounds good!


  1. Migraines are SO miserable...I have them regularly. Bless your heart! Hope it's good as gone by the time you get this comment!

  2. PureJoy, thank you for commenting on my list. =) That piano piece is absolutley beautiful, thank you for offering the music! I am sending you an email right now. One question - would it be a good piece for a beginner? I played for about 5 or 6 years as a kid, but I'm just now trying to pick it back up.

    I hope you make a list! Just think of really small things you want to accomplish, even if they are things you would do anyway! Like going on a date with your husband or taking your dogs to a dog park...

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thanks for the comment on our blog!

    I really hope your migraine is better today so you're able to enjoy your weekend & hopefully relax some.


  4. PureJoy ~ thank you for your comment on my blog and for the record, I think your blog is already gorgeous; love the colors!

    Seems to me that this is a great place for "lots going through your head" - kind of anonymous/kind of not. Also, if you have any pending-empty-nest-kind-of-thoughts you need to share, my eyes/ears/heart are wide open. Sometimes it helps to talk with someone who has been there (?)

    Hope your head feels much better very soon. ~ Becky

  5. I get migraines too... no fun at all. I hope this weekend you are feeling much better. I just spent and enjoyed lots of time :) reading through your other blog! I have a daughter be were blessed with, who was brought home from China... I can't wait to go back to China someday to visit!

    Thank you for your comment about my son and keeping him in preschool another year... we told Daniel and he took it so well! :)

    Have a great weekend!


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