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Thursday, February 26, 2009

first glimpse

growing up in wisconsin, a sure sign that spring was on the way was the first sighting of a robin. we used to get pretty pumped up about that, actually! 

here in the south, we get a steady diet of brown and crunchy during the winter months. no real cleansing snowfall (although this winter we actually had several snows, if you can call 1/4" of snow a "snow") to cover all of the world's imperfections, no crystal blue mornings with the blinding glare of sunshine on the new-fallen snow. here, it's more like tired mulch with leftover stubborn oak leaves—the kind that are pointy and stick into every nook and cranny. 

but all of a sudden, in the midst of gray and brown and dead bermuda grass, you'll catch a glimpse of spring.

oh, yes, the brave crocus!! how i love their sweet blossoms in the midst of tiny tendrils of green. what a welcome site in the still crisp air!

and look!! it won't be long until the crocus has some company! the reckless jonquil, or daffodil, will soon be sporting it's yellow bells, daring the mercury to fall (which it generally does, dangitall). my little dwarf irises will join you in the party, that's for sure.

much more cautious is the tulip. its little shoots are just barely peeking out. the daffodils will be laughing in the sunshine much before the tulip even thinks about joining in. why the daffodils will be well on their way to being gone by the time the tulip thinks of gracing us with its petals. but that's okay. we'll have less distractions and can concentrate all on you.

i'm sure the robin has been by to say hello. but i don't even notice him (sorry, robin) with so much activity around the feeder in the backyard. our chickadees are back, and i'm sure our bluebird family is readying the house for a new batch of younguns. and it won't be long till the chickadee house is rockin in the tree with all the activity inside.

our dogs don't wreak too much havoc in the garden. unless i'm trying to photograph it! if it's good enough to take a picture of it, well then, it's good enough to taste test. a quick shoo!! and bailey was off to chase squirrels, birds, leaves and anything else moving in the yard. what a hoot.

i'm so glad that winter's on its waning goodbye. and i'm so very thankful that my backyard isn't still buried under snow. i don't miss those wisconsin winters. not one bit.

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  1. Funny you should mention the robins because just this morning I was looking at the grass that was now visible because of the melted snow. I was wondering when the robins would come back. Wondering when would be THE day because, as you said, it IS an event! I get downright giddy when I see the first one!

    But now there is no more green. We had an ice storm today plus snow and it is white once again. No sun. No robins. No spring. Blech. I'd settle for brown grass, crocuses, and budding tulips ANY day.

    Where in WI? I live in MN - just across the river from La Crosse, WI. ~ Becky


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