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Saturday, February 14, 2009


happy valentine's day!

it's a day that can bring a scowl, especially if you are single. or have lost someone dear to you through a breakup or even death…

it can be a really tough day!

besides being a day where i celebrate God's gift to me in my husband, it is also a day i remember and am thankful for how God has changed my heart. how he cleansed it (of course this is an everyday thing, really) and has made it new. 

i am thankful for my new heart, and also grieved over how it continues to beat for my desires, and not His. how i continue to wrestle the reigns from His hands and insist on driving this life instead of sliding over and letting Him drive. i mean, for real, He does know the way!

so it's a struggle, but i am so thankfu that He owns my heart. and He understands when i wrestle with Him.

thank you for my heart, Lord. and for my husband's sweet heart, and that my children's hearts belong to you, too. 

now ain't that a cause for rejoicing!! 

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