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Thursday, February 19, 2009

life with a baby eaglet

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so yeah, life with a baby eaglet. i've called her that more than a few times these last few days, and i think it aptly sums up my child.

feedmefeedmefeedme. although she's not big on the momma bird/baby bird game (a thing we used to laugh about when they were little as we learned about how baby birds eat and would they EVER eat like that. ick.), but she is big on being fed. what she wants, when she wants it, but not necessarily WITH us. hmmm. 

spreading her wings. this is the first step in flying and oh so important to do. this eaglet isn't interested in how, who is standing in the way, or who she mows over as she opens her wings. yeeouch!

flying. yeah. i know that flying is good for her. and she's got a nest she can still come home to. it's just a nest she has no interest in keeping clean or contributing to. hmmm.

(on a side note, i am rather disturbed at how googling "baby bird eating" netted me too many images of huge SPIDERS eating birds or just plain ole huge SPIDERS. too many to count. whatintheworld??) and i wouldn't post a picture of that. nope. not me. and i really mean NOT ME!

normal. yeah, she's normal. i get that. but sometimes i just wish my little baby eaglet wasn't so focused on leaving in six months and would just hunker down and enjoy life with the big eagles. would remember how much we love her (heck we sat on her for how many weeks waiting for her to come??), how we got up early to hunt her worms (or whatever small animal she desired)? 

now on a hi note, i'm pretty blessed that my eagle CAN fly. that she has the ability to soar to great heights. that she's not afraid to venture off to alabama and be all crimson when her momma and daddy are pretty much all orange. i love that she has a mind of her own, works so hard in school and overall is one amazing thing to watch. 

one of these days she'll come back to the nest. and i bet she'll want to play momma bird/baby bird. and i'm going to drop everything to play along.


  1. Oh, I so get your Baby Eaglet story. I have one of those too!
    And I am just your age too!
    Here's to the next stage in life!!
    (I went back to school in the fall working on finishing up my BS)

  2. What a beautiful and accurate way to describe empty nesting. My youngest started college her senior year of HS, so I was empty-nested a year earlier than I anticipated. Yikes - quite an adjustment - but I think I am well over the hump now and enjoying some solitude. Until she returns to the "nest she has no interest in keeping clean or contributing to." So true! I've loved each year/stage of my girls' lives INCLUDING this one. I also feel very Blessed that they can fly!


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