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Sunday, February 22, 2009


while our princess was at a retreat (ironically, a princess retreat with our high school juniors and seniors) the hubster and i hopped in our not-s0-sporty suburban and cruised down the road to spend some time with our prince, who is a freshman at UT chattanooga. 

took in a quick mocs game (UTC is known as the "mocs" in keeping with the indian heritage of the area, but in more politically correct times has morphed into the mockingbird persona…) at the arena, and then joined prince and his on-again/0ff-again GF, and her parents for a delicious post-game feast of pizza at the local mellow mushroom. i shouldn't get that excited about pizza, but forgoodnesssakes, that stuff is goooood.

got up early this morning and enjoyed a leisurely getting ready for church morning, capped off by a delicious hour at starbucks. met the prince and his three friends, and we all headed off to calvary church for a little one-on-one time with God.

awesome praise. awesome worship and AWESOME MESSAGE. john 2:13. grab it and hang out there for awhile. when i think about how they were defiling the temple and how angry Jesus got, it sorta hurts my heart that i don't have that same passion for the temple (ie my body) that Jesus does.

so in the spirit of cleaning up my act… i'm giving how i spend my time some serious consideration. and it's been a struggle for me in the last few months. is hanging out in other people's worlds my priority in life? or is hanging out with my SAVIOR?? he's been whispering "priorities" in my ear for awhile now.

so let's see about this temple cleaning.

and in the mean time, i better get cracking and get ready for my bible study with the girls!

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