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Sunday, February 15, 2009

lessons in the rain

it was unseasonably warm here last week. and i think i remember hearing that february is the second most volatile months for severe weather. well, we got the same system that produced the killer tornado in oklahoma. the winds were gusting to 60 mph, and the sky turned black. i am somewhat grateful to have my office in the "cave." i missed much of the weather drama that was unfolding upstairs.

i did make it upstairs toward the end of the storm to see brilliant sunshine streaming through the back windows. and it was still raining, which only means one thing: rainbow!

too bad it was still raining, it wasn't the best speciman, the view was obstructed and there were about a million power lines in the way. i love rainbows for the sheer amazingness of their ability to be. and it always reminds me of the covenant God made with noah.

i was amazed at how fast the sky went from scary black to brilliant blue.

am i the only one who is astounded that the blue sky is always there?

then the water sparkled like diamonds from the bare branches.

so even when the skies are dark and heavy with rain, the blue sky is always there. God is always there. He is always there. and as i think of some of my friends who are struggling with grief and sick children, it is so awesome to know that our God is always, ALWAYS there. even when it's raining.

i am thankful that the little storms in my life are just opportunities for God to be watering and nurturing my character. and they remind me to pray for my friends who are being battered. 

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