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Monday, February 23, 2009

wouldn't admit to in a thousand years!

there's a ton of stuff that i got accomplished this past week, and a bunch of stuff i didn't do. really, i didn't. just like mckmamma and a bunch of her friends didn't either. and they certainly would never admit to it. noooooope. not in a thousand years. you can check out what everybody didn't do here, and for my list of things i did not do and would not admit to under oath, read on.

after getting frustrated with a committee meeting member over copies that were supposed to get delivered to the school in time for a big pow-wow with the senior class and didn't, thus causing me serious stress and what my daughter described as me being unkind to the class (sweet, mom, she said, however, in true sr. daughter fashion, was overexaggerating. go figure), i did not have to delete two sentences expressing said frustration, thus giving her the benefit of the doubt. i did not have to swallow a couple of pieces of humble pie, either, when herreturn email expressed her frustration over having dropped off the 450 copies only to have them fall into the black hole known as the west mall office. grrrrr. (that could have gone terribly wrong, and i'm blessed that i have my savior busy saving my butt… yet again! thank you, Jesus!)

i did not coerce the hubster into splurging on a valentine mug from starbucks. he would never indulge me in that way, and would totally not cave in to buying two matching mugs. that would be way out of character for him! and i did not break out my camera and attempt to capture their cuteness. and i for sure did not think about setting up my way cool studio in a box to try out it's amazingness. that would make my coffee get cold, and i would already have failed into how i'm trying to keep my temple clean (see yesterday's post). so i didn't just plop it on my workspace and try to make it look just slightly cool. nope. that would be out of character for me!

i also most certainly did not take three minutes of my time to grab a red envelope and address it to the president, seal it and write this envelope represents one child who has died in an abortion. it is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. responsibility begins with conception. and i most assuredly didn't add at least stop partial birth abortion… it's ludicrous to think that the mother's life could be at risk at that stage of her pregnancy… it's called a c-section, forgoodnesssake! no, i'm not passionate about that topic. and i didn't join thousands of people on facebook in this attempt to send a message to mr. obama. nooooo not me!

i did not seriously double take about a hundred times this week when i saw this chewed off gorilla paw and think there was puppy poop on the carpet. 

i also didn't pick up polyester fiberfill from said toy for the last two weeks and think about throwing away the toy because it's been man-handled, but then didn't because it brings bailey such joy.

and i didn't mourn the passing of a really cute toy that used to stick out it's red tongue (first to go) and pump it's fists in the air when you squeezed it. and i also didn't throw away the "puppy poop arm" because bailey just flat out loves that little piece of squeaky rubber stuff.

finally, i did not completely consider fabricating a huge list of fantastically funny stories to post here so i could be some kind of not-me-rockstar. that would be shameful and i didn't spend 10 minutes wracking my brains at all and then just end up settling on my not-so-rockstar things that i did not do this week. 

i did not go on and save $85 dolllars on a $125 room in the sheraton read house in gorgeous downtown chattanooga. we did not have an amazing room that i would gladly have in my own home and didn't have the opportunity to hot tub it all night long (it was available 24/7) except that i did NOT leave my suit at home and elect to go to sleep instead. because that woule be lame.

aaaaaand while i was waiting for mckmamma to post, i didn't set my cell alarm to remind me to refresh! i mean whointheworld would do that?? and imagine, after not checking back every five minutes (i mean who would not have a life and do that??) and be shocked that there were already 62 people ahead of me. 

not me! not in a thousand years!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I agree...priceline is the best!

  2. GREAT Not Me post - pics and everything!

    What is a studio in a box? ~ Becky

  3. I so love the puppy picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great NMM's

  4. Yeah, I was stoked about being #3! Thanks for stopping by, love you colors on your blog, I will be back for sure!!

  5. Yeah, sorry about that! :) Number 8 is my best yet, but of course, I could be arrested for blog stalking! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! I love the colors of your blog too! And the puppy.... too cute! My doggy used to mutilate toys too!

  6. Thanks for posting about the abortion letter to the president. I had not heard about that yet. I'm inspired to send one, too. :)


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