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Friday, January 29, 2010

bring on your bad self

life is smoothing out. (at least if i keep repeating this to myself, i'll begin to believe it, anyway) so i survived the big meeting with our new partners. you know, bringing all of my projects i've been working on, the marking forecast for the rest of the quarter (nevermind that i've never forecasted nuthin in all the years i've been working for the fam biz.) and even some stuff i've worked up for the new partner's company. as in i'm now their designer too.
needless to say i've been really worked up about this. i've only met these folks once. and it was pretty brief. i've let my mind get the best of me and convince myself that i'm not all that good, bladdah, yaddah, blah. i'm still nervous, but at least the meeting went well and they were very complimentary of my work.
so today, in my relief that the "big meeting" was over, and in preparation for the "big snow" we're supposed to be getting (so hysterical here that the school supe closed school for today YESTERDAY just on the forecast. . . you don't want school children trying to get home in the snow around here. lots of windy twisty hilly roads + snow/ice + bus = certain disaster… just not worth it) and knowing that the hubs had pushed up his moving of his office home because of pending snow doom, i totally forgot about a meeting with our interior designer that we pushed up b/c of the "weather." gah. i was late. but i made it. and thankfully, it was just with "our" people, not the "new" people. gah.

okay. so the snow we were supposed to get aaaaaaallllllllll day long finally showed up about four. it snowed for a few hours (hmmmm. maybe two inches) and the hubs and i decided to venture our to join the BIL and SIL for dinner. looking out the window, we noticed our big flakes had disappeared and we looked at the snow just melting. well, so much for that miscalculation/disappointment (forgive me here… snow is a pretty novel thing here in the south. we pretty much throw a party with just a forecast) lameness of a snowfall.

only it hadn't stopped. we just switched to freezing rain.

whoo hoo!! now it's getting interesting!

on the way home, out of the blue, we about tossed in a 360 down a five lane road. YIKES!!

strap on, folks. this bad boy snow storm just got interesting. we'll see what we have to deal with tomorrow morning. leaving the car unlocked outside, just in case. and since our car got broken into earlier in the week, the littel thieves know there's pretty slim pickins in our car.

then again. we get screwed all the time here, with a plateau just to our west. all the good stuff hits that and goes north and we get nothing. so we could be in for a night of just really cold rain.

you will be able to hear the gnashing of teeth of all the little kids here at least all the way to texas.

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  1. Wow, what a mouthful! Job stuff, snow stuff, funny stuff!

    You're a designer - as in graphic designer? (Me too, if so). Whatever the family business is, it sounds really interesting, and like it's growing!

    We got some fun snow - but what good is it when it CONTINUALLY happens on weekends!? I need a snow day off of WORK, people! Come on!

    Hope the job stuff keeps getting more interesting, but somehow less stressful. Wouldn't THAT be cool?


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