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Sunday, January 31, 2010

like diamonds in the sky

mmmmm. slept in today. a real novelty, because we are usually up and at 'em every day. and as sleep eludes us on a fairly regular basis, waking up when it's still dark is more more the norm. i rolled over this morning and noticed the sunshine filtering in through the closed blinds.
i kinda got excited because we had one weird day yesterday with snow, rain, sleet,  rain, snow… it was all matters of precipitation all day long. followed by a shockingly cold nite that resulted in the most spectacular sight this morning.
the hubs was down in his new cave, continuing to set up his new home office, and i didn't even bother to say good morning before i was out the front door in my yoga pants, tshirt, and some fuzzy lined crocs (don't judge, they're my house shoes!).
the limbs on the trees were so beautiful in the early morning sun. like diamonds dancing in the branches. i could have stood there all day.

except for the fact that i was wearing yoga pants, a tshirt, and my fuzzy crocs.


so a quick snappy snappy of the camera and i was back inside in a flash.

first time i can remember church being cancelled. nothing like a little black ice to shut down the city. there's no messing around with black ice. i've enjoyed a day of catching up on some paperwork, a little work, a little "deep end" (the new lawyer show on abc right before grey's anatomy… i like!!)
and just some chill time. a rarity for a sunday. sundays are usually one of my busiest days, so having a relaxing sabbath is a treat!!
just sittin around, watching the ice melt off the trees. and pretty glad we didn't get more ice that we did. it was dangerous enough as it was!! hope you had a great day too. monday will be here before we know it!


  1. I've loved your winter pics, thanks for posting more!

    We decided to go to the later church service today, so we slept in too. Nice, so nice.

    However, I AM judging your crocs! I still love you though. ;)

  2. Judge you? I'm jealous! I am still wearing my almost three yo pair of summer crocs- so worn they no longer have back straps left on them. lol. A fur lined pair sounds lovely. ;)

    That said....


    Your photography is stunning these days!!

    Amazing. Breath taking.

  3. those pics seriously rock!!!! love love the sparkle one by the pine tree.. so pretty!

  4. I'd totally be wearing the same uniform as you, babe. No judgment here!

    You have a great eye and those pics are gorgeous!

  5. Darn it. You were right.

    Monday is here.


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