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Monday, February 1, 2010

treading lightly

after snow, freezing rain and then a dusting of more snow, it froze.

i remember being a kid and walking on snow like that, trying to shift my weight so i wouldn't break the surface of the snow…

so crunching through the snow this weekend brought back fun memories of my winter-white childhood.

wish i could say the same for my dogs.

low-riding weiner dogs (or for your puppy purists, miniature dachshunds). whose bellies are much happier not dragging on cold, frozen ground.

their little noses aren't used to smelling snow. so they seem to have to wander more as they decide the perfect place to defile the pristine whiteness… so let me shepherd you to the trampoline where you will find uncovered (but still frozen) earth. ahhhh.… works like a charm.

but so does going indoors. grrrrr. what IS it with these dumb dogs??

maybe it's because i'm captivated by the diamonds sparkling on the surface of the snow and don't really notice if they're "doing their business." we get snow infrequently that i can't resist taking in the show that God has given us.

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