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Thursday, February 11, 2010

on my heart

yesterday it snowed here in tenneseee. big huge fluffy flakes. for awhile there, it looked like we were in for an entire inch. but alas, it stopped, but not before they closed schools at 12:30. we got approximately 1/32" of snow.
good thing school closed early. not because of the "snow" but because most of the children were gone before a disgruntled fourth grade teacher opened fire on the principal and the assistant principal. seriously?? mad about your contract not being renewed?? you think this is going to help your chances of being retained?? i'm shocked for this school of already at-risk kids who have to come back to school next week without their top administrators, and for the kids in this guy's classroom—my heart breaks.
in today's paper, people were describing him as "off" and a loose cannon of emotions/anger. he had a history of anger/violence, had had a restraining order taken out against him and had serious issues when he got laid off from his last job. do they not do adequate background checks? seems like i had to go through a lot just to be allowed to substitute teach here. 
anyway, it's heartbreaking.
on a lighter note, i'm excited about our weekend plans. the bamagirl has invited us to come visit, and has arranged for us to see a gymnastics meet. apparently the students there are much more in to gymnastics than even basketball. a meet will pack out the arena. not so much for basketball… go figure. but we're game!
boywonder and boywonder's girl (girlwonder?) are going as well, so we're thankful for on-the-road family time.


  1. sounds like a great little trip planned...
    have fun :)

    that is terrible news about the shooting-people are just nutso!

  2. Wow. Sorry to hear about that school shooting. :( I hope the children and faculty/staff are all doing all right.

  3. I was sent to you by Mama4Real in a retweet. Your snow pic is pretty. Here in Arkansas we got our first big blowout snow in 17 years. It's still on the ground! Sorry to hear about the shooting.

  4. Wow. That shooting is scary stuff. And to think they made me jump through such hoops to get to be a substitute, too. They said there was a "prob w/ my fingerprints." Guess what the problem was? My prints were already in their system b/c I had been a full-time teacher (Hello, Teacher of the Year!) for the county. Big "problem." Enjoy your family time!

  5. The most updated article I found said he was an apprentice. Is that the same as a sub?

    That's an awful thing, I'd say I have nightmares about it, but I am certain anyone on staff here would die for someone versus killing someone. We are a family.

    I was heartened to see how much growth has happened at that school under this principal, and I was pray for her and her asst. principal's recovery. Will you keep me updated?

  6. sure will. i don't know exactly what an apprentice is other than he came out of the work world (not like teaching isn't working) after a layoff and got a teaching degree from a local college. i believe he was a first year hire (or second) and i think there's a period of time where the principal can extend their contract. i'm not really sure. but yes, i'll keep you updated!

  7. That is a terrible story. My prayers go out to them.

    Have a nice time, gymnastics will be fun to watch.

  8. ya it makes me wonder why they hired this guy in the first place. have a fun time wondering how the human body can do all of those amazing things!

  9. Totally off topic, but I have to say Thank You. 3 words.


  10. Such stunning and sad story.

    I read your previous posts - or rather the later ones, and it seems like you had some wonderful family time over the weekend- I'm glad. :)


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