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Sunday, February 14, 2010

olympic traditions

being together as a family for the beginning of this year's olympics was a real treat considering we're no longer really together as a family anymore.
ever since the kids were little-bitty, we always celebrated the olympics by spending as much time as possible soaking up as many olympic moments as we could before the games were finished. even on school nights, we would allow them to camp out in the living room and fall asleep watching. it became tradition.
we had other things going on this weekend, but managed to make some time to watch. so fun!
the hubster and i are back home now, and we enjoyed spending our valentine's night eating dinner and watching some moguls and figure skating.
i haven't watched as much figure skating in the past several years, but when did grabbing one's skate become such an expected move? no matter how awkward, grab it anyway? not a fan… especially in the death spiral.
at any rate, it's been a beautiful beginning, despite the tragedy of the death of the luger. the opening ceremonies were amazing,  the arial photos of vancouver are absolutely spectacular. canada's won their first home-turf gold medal, apollo ohno is on his way to being the most decorated winter olympic athlete and there's been some real great competition so far. i'm looking forward to a great couple of weeks.


  1. Shame on me, I'm not a fan of the Olympics. I'm not a hater, but I am not riveted by it.

    I feel so dirty admitting that. Don't tell anyone!

  2. For some reason I had gotten away from watching the Olympics over the years.
    This year I can't get enough of them, I am loving every moment.

    I will hunt you down if you don't ! The topic is the Olympics! This is perfect !


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