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Saturday, February 20, 2010

good things come to those who wait

after two years of waiting, it looks like i may be in for a show.
could it be?
i don't like to celebrate before the fact, but just the fact that there are not one, but four buds on my orchid is cause for much celebration.
since the original blooms faded years ago, i've been faithfully watering.
and waiting.
and waiting.

and while i'm excited to see what beauty bursts forth from my orchid, i'll be patient.
some things are just worth waiting for.

and for you, my newer orchid that had four lovely blossoms attached when i purchased you several months ago, i'm holding out hope that you, too, will one day deliver some beauty of your own.
for now, do you mind if i divest you of your rather withered self while we wait?
and you, dear flowers, thank you for keeping my valentine blooms from being lonely. i so love splashes of color in the winter. and of course, a little sunshine does a body good.


  1. Sunshine and fresh air. yum- food for the soul!

  2. In the meantime, I'm feeding on rolos and Diet Coke. ;)

  3. "Weiner Dog! Weiner Dog!"

    Have you ever read "The Hallow Weiner" by Dav Pilkey? Have I nagged you about that before?

    I love splashes of color in winter too. I wanted to give an orchid a try, but Brad doesn't like them. Good thing, I probably would have killed the poor plant. I have the most withering of thumbs.

    Can't wait to see snaps of your blooms.

  4. Great pictures! It does look like you'll get blooms - how exciting!

  5. Laying in the sun looks perfect. Good for your with your orchid. After mine lost it flowers I managed to kill it :(

  6. ooh orchids! I am not too great at raising plants so I wish you all the luck!

  7. perhaps I should get an orchid plant to practice patience...not very good at it :)

    glad you finally got some rays

  8. I adore orchids, but I am a moron b/c I thought once they bloomed, they were done and that was it---you had to get a new one.

    I have a brown thumb. Gardener I am not.

  9. Your photos are better than stock. Wow. Seriously, they need to be published.


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