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Saturday, February 6, 2010

well, it's still raining in this town. still no sun. still a mess downstairs in the aftermath of move the hubster's office home.

but sunshine in my heart shall prevail!!

i had a great, yet incredibly hard, week at work where i exerted much energy (and tears) and got much accomplished. i still have scads more to do (like this weekend) but i'm going to concentrate on doing a few fun things, too.

i'm going to make some jewelry after a long hiatus. weee!

i'm going to go work out (gah.) and try to do my best to lose the twins and the girls.

i'm going to make boy wonder's favorite dinner because he's in town visiting this weekend (double yay).

i'm going to admit defeat and put away the 50 photographs of my kids that say "happy new year" and just rest in "it's the thought that counts" and call it a day.

i'm going to celebrate the fact that i've not killed the plants in my office (yet).

i'm going to clean off my desk so i can play and do fun things in here.

i might even go out to a movie with the hubs.

that is if i can drag him out of his office…

what are you up to this weekend?


  1. I am placing books on hold at the library and getting into the one I have. I decided to make sugar cookies--the kind cut into shapes--'cause I never have! (Can you believer it?) So I'm off to the grocery store, it's sunny here (Can you believe it?) to get some almond extract, mabye some red sugar and dip stuff for tomorrow. We are going to church in the AM, hopefully meeting a friend there, and then we'll be busy somehow until a SuperBowl party at a friends' house. Go Colts!

  2. I'm laughing 'cause the word verification that just came up was "elypest." Made me think of Ellie pest. Hm, am I bothering you?

  3. 26 inches of snow here, so we're staying in and making valentines.

  4. Well I am blogging. Making some Taco soup in the slow cooker. Going to do some laundry and house work. I am home all week yet I like to clean on the weekend. Pretty silly isn't it, I must change that pattern!


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