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Monday, February 22, 2010

out with the old…

out with the old…
yes, we still have our christmas lights on our trees…
although they are not still plugged in! :-)
the monkey grass looks all tired and brown, so it was time to go…
a job i have usually hated because it required all this tedious trimming. 
but i was reading in better homes and gardens that you can MOW it! 
hallelujah, what an easy way to deal with that job!!

and in with the new…
my springtime friends are about to come out an play…
crocuses (the dictionary actually lists this as an approved plural, or one could use croci)…
our garden lights soak up the sunshine which will fuel their nighttime light show…
seriously, it is absolutely amazing how a little sunshine and warmer temperatures can lift a weary soul.
and the dogs were lovin it, too. they don't take kindly to the cold temperatures and are enamored with the snow even less. needless to say they were diggin (literally)
 the warmer temps and regaled our neighbors with their voices hearalding their liberation from exile. we are looking for bark collars to preserve the sanity of ourselves and our neighbors. for small dogs, they sure can raise a ruckus. 
apparently, life is good six inches off the ground…
yep. spring is in the air. 


  1. I am sooo glad to be having some spring like temps here too!! poor Boy Toy said it was in the teens there in Kansas today...bleck, bleck, bleck!!

  2. Oooh, spring is just around the corner!

  3. Aurora, Illinois El just poked her head out the window and determined we have at least six more weeks of winter here! But I am happy for you there!

  4. What a cute dog- and I can spring is arriving at your door when we are expecting 6 days of snow starting tonight. WAHHHHHHHH!

  5. Love the pictures of the dogs. Crocus look wonderful, they will be so pretty along with the daffodils. It's coming...

  6. Not here! We are getting snow tonight!

  7. You are an AMAZING photographer... these are shockingly beautiful.


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