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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

if i'm thinkin it, i'm postin it.

you gotta love a post it. i do, but for me, summing up my world in a few words is a challenge {y'think?}. but i'm up for it. and you should play along too.
here's mine, in a nutshell. 
well, actually,
on a post-it!

you can create your own here, and then click on the post-it below and head on over to supahmommy who has it all going on… on a post-it, of course!


  1. Just came over from Supah's place. Ha, poor little weiner dogs. Of course, I would be ticked if they pooped in the house!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. "i.e. ur on ur own" - HA HA HA!!! Just like an office lunch - you guys need to pack it the night before (and don't forget to get it out of thee fridge and "take it" to the office!) or you need to order out! Pizza every day! Can I come work for you?

    Anyway, I've tried for two weeks to think of cool post it comments, and I draw blanks. Grrrrr!

  3. I like the first one.

    Seriously, so many people here are rooting for the Saints because "it's their first time there." Uh-huh.

    And if the sad sack Bears had made it against a team who never had, would that be the same story?

    See, this is me investing in sports since 1) my favorite color is royal blue aka Colts blue and 2) if I'm going to a party with my hubby, I need to have someone to root for!

    All week kids have been saying "Saints" to me. Yes, I am one, but since this is public school I don't go around calling it out like they do!

  4. I love me some Peyton Manning :)

    Go Colts!!!!

  5. Gasp!!!!! That first post it missie---NOT necessary!!!! Geezzzzzz
    and ahhhh yes Tebow, what happened?!?

  6. Lol I hate sharing my computer with my hubby.. and he thinks he gets special treatment when hes home early or off.. no I aint cooking lunch!! SUbway sounds yummy! haha

  7. NO NO NO, it's GEAUX SAINTS!!!
    We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I guess I can cut you some slack.


  8. I have that same wish about bathtubs. Our bathtub for some reason is super cold, so the water doesn't stay hot for very long :P

  9. We are all with on that darn groundhog. Even our local weather girl was like, it's been cloudy in PA the last two years... what's his problem?!??

    I REALLY have to give this post it thing a try. I'll think on it and maybe do it later. It's scary.

  10. hahaha! I hear ya on the bathtub! Poor weiner dog!!

  11. Good job, those were funny & cute.
    (No poop in the house!) What were they thinking? Game should be fun on Sunday.

  12. Made me laugh!!

    And I would love to do it, but us PW's aren't really allowed to say what we are thinkin' now, are we? We get in big trouble sometimes just for BREATHING!!


  13. You got me laughing again.

    Sorry about the poopetrator.

  14. POOPERS !!
    oh how funny



    do they have hydraulics? guess not if they're poopers.


    * 7 days later.. but IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE .:)


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