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Monday, February 8, 2010

super bowl, super game, super ads

i love me some football. but on super bowl sunday, a part of me is super sad that football is over. the final hurrah of the 2010 season.

my brett choked big time, much to the delight of the entire state of wisconsin. yeah, sure, he's a waffler, and may be a jerk, but the guy can play football. i just sometimes question his ability to stop playing the game by himself and not try so hard to win the dang game (case in point: last game of his season {career}). 

i love peyton, but did he steal a page out of favre's playbook last nite? after dancing around what seemed like forever, (even though he had him some scramble room {much like mybrett}) he tosses a pass across the grain right into the waiting hands of tracy porter. choke.

but i thought the saints played a great game. they came out a little shakey in the first quarter, but pretty much owned the second half. they did the people of new orleans proud. and drew brees's son, baylen, is ah-stinkin-dorable.
there were a bunch of really great commercials (although some may argue that they weren't as good as in year's past, which i'm not going to debate). it's hard to pick my favorite, but the ninja dorito dude was pretty awesome, and a friend of mine's brother produced and starred in another dorito's ad where the guy fakes his death so he can hang out and eat dorito's and watch football…in his casket. leslie's brother is the guy who says, "it's a MIRACLE!" all the dorito's ads were pretty good.
a few that stick out to me … the snickers and denny's. i love denny's tease to the great screaming chicken ad…

 and then the super bowl ad itself. maybe screaming chickens are annoying, and i don't know if i could watch this over an over, but in a party setting, this one got my attention:
and the snickers ad was pretty funny too…
 career builder had a few really good ones, but the casual fridays one was pretty funny. "nice pants, terry."

it was a good game. more exciting than i thought it was going to be. hate it for peyton, but i'm lovin it for brees, the saints and the people of new orleans. {i'm just not all about "who dat"} 

now i'm in official football mourning. just like my momma used to experience at the end of the packer season.


  1. I'm glad you're happy for my Saints! New Orleans needed this big time---and what I hope people (Colts fans) will understand and appreciate is that this was about SO MUCH MORE than just football.

    The city need to win, and to win BIG. I am so excited!

  2. great post!! I will have to watch the commericals, we didn't really see them :)
    I think we were eating during every commercial--haha!!

  3. Shock, I liked the "Green Police" and the Doritos ad when the kid said, "Don't touch my mama, and don't touch my Doritos."

    Oh, and HALLELUJAH, football is over for six months! Yee ha!

  4. THe shot of Brees & his son just melted my heart.

    Glad I found you.

    Stop by sometime.


  5. The commercials were pretty good. I think better then last year or maybe the year before. Some years have been awesome but I wasn't disappointed. I loved that shot with his son. It was a very precious moment.

  6. Still delighting in the fact that football is over! tee hee!

  7. Less than two weeks to pitchers and catchers. Play ball!


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