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Saturday, February 27, 2010

blessing abound… i guess.

at the risk of being overly dramatic and realizing i'm going to have a pretty tough time living up the the title of my blog, i'm going to just say that i've had better weeks. 

here's where i can find the joy.

i have a job.
i have a strong marriage.
i have kids who are thriving in school, in relationships, in Jesus.
we're not staring a life-threatening illness in the face. 
our cars are in good condition and are paid for.
our roof doesn't leak.
the ground is not shaking, our buildings stable, our drinking water is fresh and plentiful.
my toilets flush.
my freezer is full.
my washing machine is getting a workout (both kids home this weekend)
both kids are home this weekend!
i have plenty of kleenex.
my heat works.
i have contacts on order.
my future is secure. forever. for real.
i have people in my life who share my life goals and who love me.

so yeah.

counting my blessings and realizing that my cup really does run over.

i'm more blessed than i deserve.

i shall now go back and reread this list that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how great i have it.

face it.
pity parties are no fun, and no matter how many invitations you send out, no one really comes. or if they come, they don't stay long.

so yeah. blessed. really. i am.

so i'll be focusing on that. 

i guess.


  1. Sorry friend. I totally understand what you're feeling.

  2. You smacked yourself with the perspective stick, eh?

    It stings, but sometimes the smarting is worth it.

    I'm thinking about you!

  3. MmmHmmm!

    All things relative we do have great lives. But we are human and who would be happy every minute of every day- at least you remeber to count your blessings when you do get down!!

    I think we all need a good bout of SUNSHINE!!!!

  4. I love your perspective and you blog! Followin you now! :-) ~ Coreen


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