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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and it's only 49.99!!

when i saw the original commercial for the snuggie, i thought there is no way that anyone will be that stupid to buy one. like a blanket is so complicated you can't use it and answer a phone? or change the channel using your remote? seriously?

little did i know it's so ridiculous that everyone had to have one.
they're so ugly, it's cool to own one. and be seen in public in one! (sorry, kristina. you do know how to rock a sunggie)
and could they be in any uglier colors?
oh, but wait. there's leopard print! oh that makes it better??
just when i thought it was safe to watch late nite infomercial tv, i was slapped with another product that will give me nightmares for years to come.
and because i don't want to be up alone, i'm sharing:

don't say i didn't warn you.


  1. Ack, that second picture or video isn't showing up for me. Is it the Double SNuggie? Because I want one.

  2. NO WAY!!!!!!!! That is Just, wow. What will they think of next...?

  3. snile. kristina could rock that, too!

  4. Oh yeah, Alpha Hubby would LOVE that... NOT. I am not 4 years old and I refuse to live anywhere that would require that to keep me warm. Oh my gosh... just so awful it makes you smile and gag at the same time!

  5. I think I told you before, my son works at CVS, and he told me people bought Snuggies like crazy. I'd always say, "Were they laughing?" He told me they never were.

    I have this thing that keeps me warm, it's a sweatshirt. If I need something that keeps the rest of me warm, I try out a little number I call a bathrobe. If I want to go outside, I wear a coat. Can you say coat? I knew you could.

  6. THIS IS AWESOME!! I am so passing this link on to my sister in law. I can so see her buying one of these. Thanks for making me laugh today!

    BTW I own a snuggie. :)

  7. so Kim, how do I follow Kristinas blog?

  8. THat's so funny!

    Except when you have to pee. {:)


  9. OK, I have purposely not blogged about the Snuggie thing because some of my fellow bloggers have written about how much they love it - and I cannot afford to lose any of my small fan base... But WOW, THANK YOU for saying what I've wanted to say! I DESPISE THESE THINGS!!! They insult me. ;)


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