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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

yay for tuesdays!!

if only what was in my mind would really fit on a post-it. pretty much had to use a whole pack. this wouldn't fit:
as usual, after encountering snow AGAIN here in the south, we're all pretty much ready to road trip to pennsylvania and find that retarded gopher or whatever rodent predicts the end of spring and strangle him or maybe drown him in a bucket of suntan oil. sorry. not to hate on winter, but this is the south, danggit, and we're DONE! we've built the snowman. we sledded. heck, we even shoveled!! that was fun! buh-bye now!!
okay. i feel better now. 

now i do.
thanks for listening. now you play along, too! don't panic, you can create your own here, and then click on the post-it below and head on over to supahmommy who has it all going on… on a post-it, of course!


  1. Oh, Jake and Vienna. A match made in heaven. (Blech)

  2. What happened w/ Gretzky?

    Careful what you say bout the Motherland there lady ;)

    I stalked you a little on facebook today:)

  3. You watch The Bachelor????

    Okay, I'm not judging. Wait, yes I am.

    ICK!!! From someone who was single a long time, there's no way, and I mean no way, I'd go out with someone and kiss him KNOWING he'd just been out kissing someone else. Turning love into a competition? Ew.

  4. I agree that touching your skate takes the grace away from figure skating...not sure what they were thinking when they came up with the new scoring ruins the beauty of the sport

  5. Hee Hee! I sure love your Tuesdays!

  6. Your post its are so awesome and funny.
    I really enjoyed them, thanks. I don't like the skate thing either.

  7. good ones. Although since I don't watch the bachelor or most of the olypics i missed those references. ;) but snow- I've had enough too!!


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