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Thursday, January 14, 2010

enough whining, back to living

i'll admit it.
i got swept up into the "i hate lane kiffin" hysteria that hit knoxville over the past 36 hours.

but i'm past it now. it was fun while it lasted, but seriously, people, there are bigger fish to fry than some weasel who abandons his team 14 months into his coaching stint, leaving his team high and dry three weeks before signing day. there is more to life than tennessee football (although in this town, i'm almost looking around hoping i don't get struck by lightning for making that observation). as in: hellllloooooo… a 7.0 magnitude earthquake leveled a city/country and thousands and thousands of people have died…
gives a girl a little perspective.

before i even got out of bed this morning, the hubster and i both texted "haiti" to 90999 to donate ten bucks to the red cross.

not that that makes me (or us) a rockstar or anything, i mention it to say that technology rocks that over $3 million has been raised via this text in the last day. ah. maze. ing. so thankful to be a part of that.

okay. i said enough whining.

no more disparaging comments about mother nature and her maniacal quest to freeze my a** off this winter. seriously, with the size of my a**, the temps would have to stay below freezing a whole lot longer… {i'm just sayin'…} because it was a rockin 48 yesterday and should be warmer today. breakin out the shorts and flipflops… fah rizzle.

no more hand wringing and worrying if beginning this class on the Christian worldview is the right thing for me to do or is overcommitting myself or is going to be blessed by God. i've prayed about it, there's no one else to teach it and the ball is in motion. so the goal here is to continue to be prayed up and hey, if any of you would like to commit to pray for my class, held monday nites chez purejoy, rock with it. and if you feel led to pray throughout the week for my preparation, that would rock my world… i cannot do this alone, so i'm thrilled beyond belief that Jesus will be leading the way and i have an army of prayer warriors flanking me on all sides. please, oh, please be a part of that with me, won't you?

i named this blog consider it pure JOY because i have a tendancy to be a half-full kinda girl, and this was supposed to remind me to be joyful, and see things from His perspective. so today, people, in a world that is broken and hurting and messed up… i cannot succumb to worries and frowns and feeling sorry for myself or my city or this world… even though it is right and appropriate to grieve bad stuff…

but today, i choose JOY.

not happiness, but JOY.

my savior REIGNS. he RULES. he has GOT IT.
i read the end of the story.


so i'm firmly planted on this rock. today. and every day. i just need to remind myself sometimes where my feet are.

i'm standing tall. my feet are planted firmly. i straighten my back. i raise my hands…

Rejoice in the Lord always… again i say REJOICE!!

and i'm also rejoicing that twenty years ago today, in the middle of NFL playoffs, the Lord blessed the hubster and i with a beautiful baby boy. happy birthday, boy wonder. you really are a wonder, you keep us smiling, the love of Christ is evident in your heart and how you invest your time, and i love you to the moon and back… oh about a million times infinity.


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if we COULD freeze our a**es off?

    And like I say about perspective (SO valuable), when I was Catholic we called it guilt (so effective)!

  2. Aw, Happy Birthday to your son. And great perspective for sure!!

    And I'm adding my prayers for you!

  3. What a great post and thanks for the laugh about the freezing a-- part....

  4. Amen! Thanks for the awesome reminder of what I'm standing on vs. what I'm stepping in!

    Happy bday boy wonder!!


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