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Thursday, January 21, 2010

finder's keepers

the hubs is always trying to get me to clean out the upstairs freezer and put non-essentials in the downstairs freezer.
i finally got tired of frozen food falling on my big toe (ouch) and sent some chicken stock, pre-browned stew meat and cooked ground beef (makes for super easy tacos or spaghetti sauce) and alot of other stuff to the frozen down-under and what to my wondering eyes should appear??

not eight tiny reindeer, but a dozen frozen girl scout thin mint cookies!!

i have lamented my empty nest.

not today!

muh ha ha ha…


  1. What an great post! Glad I found this blog (through, um, gosh, now where did I find you!? Oh! I remember, through An Inch of Gray).

    Think those Thin Mints are frozen enough to survive a trip up the coast to the VA/WV area right into my mailbox (and quickly thereafter, my mouth?)

  2. Lucky you! I just placed a cookie order on Tuesday. Yum!

  3. Ahh, the simple pleasures in a day : )

  4. I am drooling. I am sad b/c I didn't have any Girl Scouts to order from this year. But really, that's a good thing as far as my ass & thighs area concerned.

  5. How did any EVER get left behind? Once I open a stack of those babies, they are gone.

    I do have a girl scout to order from, and from her I ordered for a friend of mine in Chicago (we're 50 minutes outside of), my college boy, and his friend Katie who lives in Scotland. Oh,I got a box too, Trefoils. Allowing myself just one box, I allowed for quantity over quantity.

  6. Girl Scouts does claim they freeze well, lol. :P

    The littles are selling these now- I have to wait for the middle of February to eat some you lucky gal you!!

  7. thin mints.....ooooooooo how I love you!!!!
    nom, nom, nom!!!

  8. How fun is that?? I had a package of cookies in the pantry...but Elizabeth and Isaiah discovered them first...little scoundrels! Tyler, when he was a teenager, would eat the entire package and leave one. Just one. So that way he could say, "I didn't eat them all." You know how it I wish he was here eating the cookies and leaving just one..

  9. Those are my favorite cookies too! And I keep them in the freezer as well. Still have some left from last year and when I bought more this year my husband made sure to point that out!!!


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