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Monday, January 11, 2010


it began on thursday afternoon when i got word that school would be closing an hour early due to snow. not that it really matters to me, since i no longer have children in school.
except there wasn't any snow.
not even a flake in the sky.
closing early because of no-snow? seriously?

yep. seriously. as in a heart attack.

i thought it rather hysterical of everyone, and went about the rest of my day.

about noonish, a few random flakes began to fall (or as they say in the south, "spitting snow") and within three hours, all hell broke loose.
over 1.5 inches of snow.

i. kid. you. not.


the city closed a major bridge downtown because of the icy conditions.

traffic was at a 5 mph crawl in most areas and there were more wrecks than could be counted by 4:30.


i had a meeting at 2, then another at 3:15, and i'm happy to say i was on my way home by 4, because SERIOUSLY it was not fun to be out driving/crawling in that icy, slushy mix.

of course school was called off on friday.

and believe it or not, after receiving nary a flake over the weekend, school opened one hour late today.

chalk it up to windy, twisty roads, sub-freezing temps, and no snow removal on the side streets. but really, in all honesty, who would bother to remove 1.5 inches of snow? the main streets were fine by 6 pm on thursday nite, but the side streets were ice and snow and after the first day, breeding grounds for black ice. with a lunch tray, you could have improvised a lovely luge down the street in front of my house.

if i hadn't seen it with my bare eyes, i wouldn't have believed it. all because of a little over an inch of snow. for as much news coverage this one got, i guess it'll go down in the annals as "the great blizzard of 20-X"


  1. It's the same here, except that when it snows, people forget that they know how to drive.

    I grew up in Canada...the Great White North, and never ONCE in my LIFE did we have a snow day. EVER. NOT EVER.

    I totally feel cheated.

  2. Haha wow, I wish I got a snow day today. It's been snowing since Firday night. We have gotten about 8". No schools are closed :(

    Oh, and in college, we had a bit of an ice storm, which everyone called snow. It was sort of snow, but not really. Anyway, I totally took a lunch tray from the dining facility in my dorm and slid down the hill next door. Fun!

  3. you live in TN there is no excuse for that! :)
    but us here in The Bayou...well we FLIP out when the word snow is even mentioned!!!!!

  4. so funny....we have had our shares of 6-8 inches this winter like every week and we do always have school and expected to be at work and such. I do drive a jeep and hubby has a big truck dodge ram and both are great in the snow.
    We have other things here in michigan they are called....snowplows...maybe you all in tennessee should look into them. :)

  5. I know a woman who just moved from the Midwest to FLA. Yeah, all she writes about is the weather. Fascinating. It's okay that you do a post or two on the weather, just not everyday!
    By the way, wore a skirt today. It was practically warm here at 20 degrees!


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