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Sunday, January 3, 2010

home sweet {empty} home

just returned from taking bama girl halfway back to school. her bf met us just inside the alabama state line {well, at least the first major "city" that has more than a run-down shell station at the exit} for lunch and we loaded up her bags {whatintheworld is she doing with five bags??} and her and sent her back to college.
we had a great visit over the break. very relaxing and capped off our time with a 12 hour marathon of one tree hill {although the girls managed to last for about 16 hours}. i can't believe i vegged on the couch {although i was there first with a migraine} all day to watch OTH. i'm sad to report i'm slightly addicted.
the hubster unplugged and took down lights outside. meh. i hate undoing christmas.
the bins are coming out of the attic {just as soon as the hubster thaws from being outside} and i'll be wrapping up and putting away.
oh to have the little elves do a tiny drive-by and put all our holiday stuff up. that would be awesome. i'll be happy to offer up some encouragement while i sit safely out of their way as i sip a little left over egg nog.
boy wonder left today for a ski trip to snowshoe with about 19 other kids from here. it's great to see him out and enjoying the things he loves to do. after having to spend the last two years on the sidelines because of two ACL tears, it's great that he is back in the saddle, so to speak. but this mother is struggling with worrying about him. he made it through skiing and snow mobiling in michigan unscathed. i'm sure he'll do fine in west virginia, too. i know it's not right to worry. {but i do} so i shall pray for him instead of wringing my hands.
as soon as he returns on wednesday, he'll be quickly gathering his things and heading back to school.
and then we'll be empty nesters…
for real this time.


  1. I'm looking forward to back to school time- but tomorrow I'll be AT the school all day, so it'll have to wait until Tuesday, lol.

  2. The elves would help, but since they're from waaaay up north, they wouldn't understand your request to put things up!

  3. we un-decorated around here today. house seems bigger but a bit depressing.

  4. My younger brother tore his ACL a few years ago, too. It was not fun. I hope he gets home safely and without any trips to the ER!

    I've never tried One Tree Hill, but I've always wanted to. Maybe I should give it a shot?


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