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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what are the odds?

so the hubster and i were in the downstairs room, recently vacated by niecey who went back to her family in wisconsin after deciding that college in the south was a bit more than she bargained for. turns out that move was good timing as our family business is in a state of transition and we are in the midst of moving our corporate office to atlanta, and the hubs is moving his personal office home.
i could blahg, blahg, blahg an entire new post about how i feel sharing my home office oasis with the hubs, but i won't go there. let's just say sharing is not my strong suit and in true two-year-old fashion, feel more inclined to bite than to use my words…

back to the "room."
i affectionately called it the cave when i was down there. no windows, tucked away downstairs… it was cave-like, although i think the hubs took offense at that name. i wasn't crazy about moving my office home two years ago (i liked my diggs downtown, but again, that's another story) and grudgingly cranked out work from my little hermit-like dungeon.
last year i moved my office upstairs in preparation for niecey's arrival, and i'm not gonna lie… having a window is awesome!
so with the pressures of merging our concept with another company has the hubs working long hours, and as we stood there last night looking at all the prep-work and painting that needed to be done, i looked at him and said why don't we just hire someone?
i think he was relieved to have a way out!
we called, and believe it or not, our contractor was available the next day!! in fact, he's busy at work as i type!
i mean, what are the odds?


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