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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

faith in action

last week the hubs and i were in florida with bama girl and her four friends for their spring break. how we got roped into the adventure was just as simple as five 18 year olds unable to score a place to stay on their own, and we were willing to "chaperone." we were thrilled to be included in such an occasion and even more thrilled that our schedules and work load allowed us the opportunity to get away.
the weather was pretty, although cold. the only place on my body that even saw sunshine were my feet… i even got a chaco tan! midway through the week, though, we had a blustery cold day, complete with big, angry clouds. the girls wanted to take pictures down on the beach and hoped they would be able to the next day, which was our last day at the beach.
i don't know about all girls, but bama girl and her friends are big on pictures on the beach. and i'm not talking bringing their cameras down to the beach and snapping pictures while they're laying out. i'm talking coming in at 3 and heading up to take showers and fix hair and makeup and wardrobe and what they'll wear on the beach.
guys are totally different.
bama girl has been doing this for years, much to the amusement of boy wonder. he and his buddies roll in just before dinner, hose off, and leave. very low maintenance.
so thursday rolls around and the day dawns beautifully sunny… but chilly. and by noon, the big black clouds had rolled in again. the hubs and i took a walk on the beach. with windbreakers, hoodies… brrrr. as in i can't feel my feet, the beach is so cold. like chip a tooth kind of teeth chattering. but we walked. and passed coeds frolicking on the beach…in bikinis. go figure. i looked up at the angry clouds and thought that either the girls would be forgoing photos because of rain, or they would be taking some pretty chilly pictures with some very ugly clouds. oh well, it is what it is.
we finished our walk and went back to our condos for showers before dinner. the girls came down to head down to the beach and would you know that the sky was crystal clear blue with no wind. what in this world??
the girls spent an hour taking pictures.
you know what the best part of my entire trip was?
the part when one of the girls thanked bama girl for praying.
not like i did that when i looked up at the sky earlier…
but bama girl did! she prayed that God would give them clear skies and good weather.
and He did.
and while i felt bad for not having the faith to ask that on behalf of the girls… my lapse gave bama girl the opportunity to own that for herself.
God is so good. all the time.


  1. what a gorgeous group! Sounds like you had a really good trip all around. HOw fun!

  2. Just look at them. They are all so beautiful. The pictures are awesome and God is good.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful on a few levels!


    I think I'd be glad for the cold. No need to share these old legs in shorts with all those veinless, celluliteless young gams around. Sigh...

  4. wow...they are all beautiful!!! which is your bamagirl?!


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