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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wish i had allergies

i broke out of prison left the house today for a little lunch rendezvous with chella, a college girl who leads our sophomore girls small group with me. it was a much needed break to a rather busy week. the sun is shining today, the birds are chirping and the flowers and trees are busting out everywhere, which means everything in this town has a nice thick coating of pollen. seriously, when it rains, there are rivers of yellow coursing down my driveway.
after lunch at pei wei (need i mention it again, but i am obsessed with that place!) we headed over to victoria secret to redeem some coupon chella got from them for free panties. i'm not much of a vs shopper, but since she had two coupons and wanted the undies, i thought what the heck. i figured i could scare away any hovering staff members by asking where i could find the thongs. (chella gagged up part of her lunch over that threat.)
undie mission accomplished, now off to menchies, my second favorite obsession.
if you've never, or don't have one near you, menchies is a fun place with about 8 different self-serve frozen yogurt machines on the wall. a cornucopia of flavors. i taste-tested cake batter (mmm), no sugar added vanilla (surprisingly good), mango tango sorbet, peach tart and lemon razzleberry (or something along those lines). after all the tastes, i almost didn't need to get a real one, but the sign discourages simply tasting without buying (kill joys). after filling your cup with the desired flavor(s), head on over to the topping extravaganza…you imagine it, it's there…all for the taking. you could put every single topping on your yogurt and make your own concoction (although every single one sounds a bit overkill… i'm just sayin'). there's even crushed up thin mints. (i may have to come here often, as i tried, but was not successful, in finding any thin mints this year) off to the checkout where one pays by the ounce. be careful, because big eyes and grumbling tummies have a way of making the scale go crazy and there's nothing like sticker shock to ruin an appetite.
chella and i stepped outside to "get our fro yo on," as they say at menchies (or at least that's what they were saying on their fb page), and grabbed a seat on the patio. we were chatting and fro-yo-ing away when both of us looked at each other, grimaced and wondered who had rolled a rotting dumpster next to us. we looked around. seriously… is there someone with decaying catfish in the back of their minivan?
then the wind shifted and all was well.
then another waft assaulted our nostrils. gah! is that rotting shrimp?
and then it hit me.
bradford pears.
all around the parking lot. pretty to look at. but. oh. so. stanky. when. flowering.
when i meet God someday, along with asking what the deal is with bra straps that won't stay up will be what the heck is with the rotting fish smell of flowering bradford pears??
sorta makes me wish i had allergies. because with all the pollen in these here parts, i would be stuffed up for at least a month of sundays. about long enough for those dang trees' buds to wither up and die.


  1. I love Menchies!!!!!!! sooooooo yummy!!
    glad you got to enjoy this beautiful spring day :)

  2. I think that those frozen yogurt places are the new thing. We don't have Menchies, but something similar, and there was a place in Vegas that was like that. That one was super cheap!

  3. I'm going to have to google Menchies and plan my next trip/vacation to take in as many as possible! Thanks for writing such a cheerful post today! Totally enjoyed it and laughed out loud at asking God about bra straps! Never thought of doing so but I'll stand by you when you ask coz I want to know the answer! :)

  4. hahahahaha...I love that my husband's name is Bradford...but he is the cleanest man I know! No stinkies.

    I love VS. And there's nothing wrong with wearing something that makes one's butt look less lumpy or lined (aka thongs). I once went into Lane Bryant to buy one for a girlfriend!


  5. you seriously have a way with words! you crack me up! that is a nasty smell! I hate the smell of fish and when it really isn't fish that is even worse! That frozen yogurt place sounds amazing!!

  6. You are SUCH a creative writer.


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