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Monday, March 15, 2010

feels like home…

despite the fact that we are in florida and both parked in our condo's office area due to the fact that we can't get wireless at our condo, the hubster and i are off for a quick little getaway at the beach. bamagirl and her four friends are off for spring break and since none of them could score a place to stay (all being 18 years old) they decided that beachin it with the parentals wouldn't be so bad… and we cook. so here we are, on the emerald coast of florida, soaking up some sunshine. and working.
can't get past it. if we don't work while we're away, we'll come home to an insurmountable amount of work when we return.
it's just the way it is right now.
hopefully things will settle down, but for now, it's sort of a breakneck pace.
we left a little later than planned yesterday and as we left the driveway, noticed the "trunk ajar" light was on. stop, notice that yes, indeed, the trunk was ajar. only problem, the bike rack and our two bikes were on top of the trunk and it took us 30 mintues to get the contraption on the car. grrrr.
so off comes the rack, we move the box that is holding the hubs rolodex (talk about old school, he drags his rolodex on vacation with him! poor thing, no time to transfer all that data!) and attempt to remount.
hassle, hassle, grunt, groan, growl, and it's back on. and the trunk is now ajar again as we had to pop it to fit one of the brackets. 
long story short, we lost about 90 minutes fighting with that thing. and after stopping at target on our way, we bought a rope and managed to secure it. at this point, i'm thinking i can ride my bike to florida faster. oh well. we arrived and unloaded the car and made a quick jog down to the beach. the sand was flying horizontal to the beach and the temperature had to be in the low 60s. there were actually people in the water. i'm thinking they must be from up north because to me, the beach felt like alaska. but it is beautiful and we're so happy to be back here. 
and even though it's a working vacation, it's just great to be here with the surf rolling in the background, the pretty blue skies and the sound of girls laughing nearby.


  1. in 11 days I will get to be on the beach and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!
    hope you have a little time to relax while you are there as well!

  2. Sounds and looks wonderful. Hopefully it won't get too crowded from kids being on Spring Break.

  3. i hope it is wonderful, restful, restorative, and productive!

  4. Sounds like a perfect setting to be working in. I had to laugh about the rolodex!!!

  5. You're there now! Hope you ennnnnjoy!

    I'm on season 5 of OTH and have had serious CHILLS as I watch things unfold! It's so good!

  6. Enjoy! Even though it's a working vacation, be sure to take your work breaks to the fullest! I'd love to walk outside and see/smell the ocean. Ahh!


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