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Sunday, March 28, 2010

little history lesson

okay, i've eluded to it too many times lately…
just what, exactly, is our business and what gives with what's been going on lately?

okay, in the spirit of full disclosure and marketing and whatnot, here goes…

it all began for me, on a weird saturday night in july of 1985. i finished work at an upscale restaurant where i waited tables as a means to put myself through school (that is a whole 'nuther story, i'm afraid), and headed down to the downtown dance club where i met my then boyfriend. he ended up leaving with another girl. at this point in the evening, i'm thinking the relationship is over {duh} so i continue dancing because going home mad was not how i wanted to end the night. i'm not sure exactly how i wanted to end the night, but at the time, i was in the mood to continue to have fun. so after the dance club closed (seriously, what in this world made me think that it was a good idea to continue partying at 2 am?) but i did and ended up going over to a girl's house for an after party. never mind that i didn't really know this girl, nor did i know anyone at this party (good judgement isn't something in large supply after 2 am, y'think?), but i went anyways.
i'm happy to report that i didn't get into trouble that night (er, morning) and ended up meeting the love of my life.
he and his brother were in the process of building their new business. literally. it was under construction. and with nothing to really do other than periodically check on the progress, they were left to while away their time poolside. bless their hearts.
apparently this was they day they decided to roast on the wild side… i don't know if i would have ever met him, had i not noticed him veritably glowing in the dark across the room. i'm talking raging sunburn. i made some snarky comment about bobbing for french fries or something equally lame, and we began to talk. he ended up asking for my number, but i wasn't in the mood for guy-stuff, so i declined. later, i figured what the heck and relented, thinking that if he called, i would cross that bridge when i came to it.
he called two days later, we went out, had fun, went out again two days later and dated steady for the next four years and married in 1989.
so what the heck does this have to do with the business?
i married into the family business, but i was also there before we ever had our first customer. i was there for the construction. the first customer, the first expansion and much, much more.

but the story actually started about three years before we met. even though we were working at the same place the entire summer, both fell in love with the same sensation, we never knew each other or even met until three years later.

tune in tomorrow to learn more…


  1. So...I used to register brides back then. Did you register for dishes? If so what brand and pattern. I loved that job, though many late 80s early 90s brides went for black and white.

    Love the story you wild party girl you!

  2. So we will know what the business is tomorrow? So happy you meet the love of your life.

  3. tee hee hee... I already know... .;)

  4. can't wait to hear more! love the picture.

  5. Oh oh oh! This is so FUN! I love hearing love stories! And that photo is amazing - you guys are so gorgeous. I am so glad that your dumb previous boyfriend left with a dumb girl so you could meet a REAL man!

    CANT WAIT to read more!


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