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Friday, March 5, 2010

sun? is that really you? and who's that with you? spring?? WELCOME!!

i almost didn't know what that huge yellow thing was in the sky yesterday… but it's back today, and i think we may have a little string of spring-ish weather. and look who came out to play!! 
it's my first glimmer that we're not going to be cold and gray forever.

as if there was any doubt…
seriously, it amazes me how much my attitude brightens up with a little sunshine action. i admit to succumbing to the evil influences of seasonal affective disorder, or as it is more "fondly" known… S.A.D. not that i'm using that excuse to be dark and twisty. (lord knows i have plenty other contributers to that issue.) i'm just sayin, a little sun and longer days makes this raggedy woman happier. 
so welcome, ye spring! set for awhile and let's get to know one another, shall we?


  1. I still have mitten art hanging on our classroom wall. I still have paper snowflakes displayed.

    April brings spring here--though today is teasing us...

    So enjoy! I'm happy for you.

    :) See, that's me smiling!

  2. yay!!! 71 degrees here today!!! I AM LOVIN' IT and so are my piggies wearing flips


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