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Sunday, March 7, 2010

in exactly a week, daylight savings begins. forget that dumb groundhog in pennsylvania. spring really breaks forth on the first day of daylight savings time, which was extended in 2005 by president bush. not all states recognize DST, namely Arizona, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands. and portions of indiana don't change. so half the year they're on eastern time and half on central time. i'm confused already. i know i'm going to mourn the loss on an hour of sleep next week, but it will all be worth it when i'm still basking in the sun at 7pm. 
the mornings will be darker, and i'm thinking that a little extra nighttime (i know we really don't really have more actual nighttime) will help me sleep in the morning. there have been several really early mornings lately—i'm going to blame it on the sun and the birds and not the mountain of work i have looming overhead… i need me some sleep!!
as much as i wanted to sit and relax and enjoy the sabbath (such an important thing that God made a commandment about it) but there is just too much going on right now to have the luxury to sit and be. with our crazy work schedules, we just have to grab opportunities when they arise, and spring only lasts so long… so we took advantage of a great day and prepared our yard for spring. pruned, raked, trimmed, repotted, cleared, fertilized… 
felt sooo good to be outside. 
i love spring and the whole notion of rebirth and renewal. it's happening before our very eyes!


  1. I try to not complain too much, but I am not a fan of "springing forward." Can't understand why we just can't stop messing with the clocks.

    Enjoy your spring, ours has yet to hit, but that's okay. I'm patient. I'll take the 40s we had today, and I'll happily accept the cleansing rain that fell.

  2. I love spring too, and can't wait! we had a beautiful day yesterday, kids even got to play outside...but I'm afraid. Usually Mother Nature throws us a loop just when we think spring is finally here....

  3. wooh-hoo!! Can't wait fr that extra hour of light- it's such an awakening!!

  4. I agree, I love when it stays light out longer.

  5. Lucky! We don't start daylight saving time until the 28th. I'm looking forward to it!


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