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Monday, March 22, 2010

take a picture… it'll come in handy someday.

our bikes are currently at the bike doctor, seeing if they are going to be able to come off life support and come home someday. bouncing down the interstate connected to what was once our bike rack, and each other, did not bode well for our trek bikes.
i did what anyone would do, and that is take pictures of the carnage. but not until we got home, because a photo shoot on the side of the interstate isn't probably the safest of activities.
so i called the saris company to tell them of our unfortunate incident involving our two very nice trek bicycles and their not-so-nice bones 3 bike rack and the pavement on the interstate in florida.
so do you have a photograph of how the unit was attached to the car?
uhhhh, how many people photograph their bike rack with the bikes on it before leaving on a trip? (am i weird there? i mean should i feel bad for not documenting this portion of our trip?)
yeah, i know, but our claims guy is going to want that.
well, it's gonna be a little hard to recreate that since i no longer have the car (it was a rental) nor do i have the bikes (they are at the bike ER), and the bike rack no longer has the little bracket thingies that the bikes go on since they snapped off somewhere in northwestern florida.
yeah… i get where you're coming from, he says.

unfortunately in today's litigious society, nobody accepts responsibility for nuthin' without proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. and apparently we have to all document every move we make so that just in case, we might have a legal leg to stand on. makes me kinda mad.
so we wait for word from the bike doctor. get an estimate, and then fire off an email with the estimate and the evidence of the faulty rack.
the only good news i've had since we got home from our vacation is that my camera issue is the lens, which has a 5 yr. warranty. good thing it wasn't the body, because that's just a one year warranty. so off to nikon with you, dear lens. and now, if i could just get the hubster to spring for a telephoto lens, i wouldn't be without a lens for a month.
a month! it's spring, people!! i LOVE spring!
but at least it's fixable. and under warranty. and i don't need a photo of my camera that can't take pictures to prove that my camera can't take pictures.
or something like that.


  1. at least your camera will get fixed whew!!!!
    I'd die without mine for a month, although my "desire" to photograph things seems to be on vacation...sigh

    glad your home! hopefully more relaxed :)

  2. That's a scary thought ... having to take pictures of each step of every process just in case! Seems like that could get really ugly! On the other hand ... your telling of this sad tale of woe did make me laugh! Hope that's okay! :)

  3. I would think if the bracket holding the bikes snapped that would be proof enough.


  4. Lucky that you're camera is getting fixed! mine was under warranty and they still tried to charge me! Instead I had to buy a refurbished one :P But it's no where near the caliber of yours!

    It's like when TSA "failed" to return my *other* camera to my bag 2 years ago in Canada. You would not BELIEVE the stuff they wanted to show proof that there was really a camera in there... Dang!!! I had to let it go b/c it'd been 5 years since we got it and I didn't have the stuff they wanted!

  5. That is CRAZY!! Well from now on you will need to blog your every living moment so that way you have proof! :) So glad your camera will be fixed.

  6. Oh my gosh, that bike stuff is such a pain!!!!!!

  7. what?! that's madness.

    glad your camera is fixable for free!!


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