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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little recess never hurt anyone

i may be all dark and twisty, but that doesn't mean i've forgotten how to laugh (or throw things at the tv). hang out here, check out a post it or two, then head over to supah's to see what's on everyone else's minds notes.
i invite you to play along. think of it as sticky therapy. it's a good way to spend a tuesday morning. stressed about making your own stickies? relax! if i can do it anyone can. go here and follow the directions. it's that simple.
thanks for all your loving support. i'm not only lovingly encouraged by my blog-friends, but i have wise, wise Christian counsel. and i'm takin it one day at a time. well, really, one step at a time.
but enough of that. let's just let a little sticky-steam off, shall we?
believe me when i tell you i exercised great restraint on these notes. but unlike maybe many of you who held out hope that jake had a brain anywhere else than between his legs, i follow realitysteve, and pretty much it's the only reason why i watch TB. the show annoys the &^%#$ out of me, but reading realitysteve the next day makes it all worthwhile. he is one of the snarkiest, funniest writers out there. he called the sausage eons ago. i was ready for it. but it didn't make it any easier to see tenley get hurt. seriously, that girl should be throwing herself a "dodged a bullet" party. she ended up on the right side of that equation, for sure.
so that's all for today. now it's back to work… the land of angst. gah. oh well, this little recess break was much needed!


  1. This is about a TV show right? I never understand those posts! However, I completely agree about the snow. In March. In the south. What on earth!?!

  2. I'm done with snow too. I'm hoping we get all Lamb days for March and no LIONS!

  3. seriously!!!! what a DUMMY!!!
    and now he is going to be on DWtheS?!
    and she will be "in the front row cheering him on"...phish!!!!

  4. I haven't watched! The only reality show I watch is Big Brother in the summer.
    Have a beautiful day.

  5. Love Reality Steve. I am SHOCKED they are still together, however.

  6. *Craning Neck* don't wanna miss (people who totally deserve it)the train wreck!

  7. Um...the whole premise of The Bachelor makes me go, "Ew." Nothing can make that depravity worthwhile. If your daughter wanted to be on the show, would you cheer her on?

  8. I completely agree about Jake. Normally, we don't watch The Bachelor, but this season sucked us in. By the end of the season, we concluded that Jake wasn't the man we thought he was (or Tenley for that matter). She is such a strong good-hearted woman. I hope that she finds a man who truly treasures her for the amazing woman that she is.


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