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Friday, March 12, 2010

i love to…

my counselor gave me homework to do between sessions.
make a list of 20 things you love to do.
can i use ones over only say them differently?
uhhh. okay.
wow. is it possible that i'm so parched i can't even conjure up stuff i love to do?


but after thinking about it, and just plain ole sitting down to make a list, i came up with twenty things. and it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. except i have this nagging feeling that i've left out important stuff. or that someone's list is more thoughtful or creative than mine. it's this constant fear of measuring up. what the heck is that all about??

so i'm going to boldly go where i have not gone before…
it's my list. mine. and whatever it is, it's alright!

big breath. here goes… (and in no particular order)

i love to…
1) spend time with God (and while i'm being honest, He is not always at the top of my list, nor do i always carve out time in my day for Him) and bible study
2) spend time with the hubs, kids and family
3) spend time with friends
4) minister to my high school friends
5) laugh
6) encourage
7) make others smile/laugh
8) write/blog
9) read
10) make jewelry
11) explore photography/increase skills
12) play/create with paper
13) cook
14) knit
15) work with textiles/sew
16) travel
17) learn about other cultures
18) communicate/connect/stay in touch with friends
19) get massages/relax
20) walk/play with my dogs

so actually, there's alot of stuff i like to do. you'll notice exercise is not on there. and eating should be on the list…

there's lots of stuff here that i like, really. maybe not LOVE. and stuff that should have made the list, but since i'm not lovin em, they'll stay in my mind…
…so… what would make your list?


  1. Walking is exercise, FYI. That's why I avoid it.

    GREAT list! Working with textiles - there is something awesome about that, isn't there? The feel, the colors and patterns, the finished products, the satisfaction.

    Great job!

  2. great list!

    i love to sleep, read, relax, laugh, motivate people, entertain...

  3. Hmmmm. I think I might do this for my next blog post!

  4. That's a great list. I think I could do the list but I think it would be things I think I like to do but haven't done in many years. I like to blog and watch movies.

  5. you do feel like you have nothing to say when you first hear the question... hmm,

    blog. ;)

    take photos.

    edit said photos/design blog headers.





    sniff newborn babies heads.

    walk in the sun.

    listen to a thunderstorm.

    sit on the beach. the less hot out it is the better!

    hold hands with my girls.

    lay on my husbands chest.

    surprise people.

    get happy mail.

    host fun gatherings.

    help people- no matter how big or small, if i can help you, i will.

    take showers.


  6. I like your list!

    Mine would be something like this (ijn no particular order):
    1. sleep (hah)
    2. star gaze
    3. play board/card games
    4. read
    5. watch the sun set
    6. learn foreign languages
    7. take pictures
    8. bake
    9. play with Beni
    10. spent quality time with John
    11. be with our family
    12. be with our friends
    13. go to church at our home church in Austin
    14. go to UT games (pretty much any sport, but football especially)
    15. eat Mexican food
    16. hang out at the beach
    17. throw a Frisbee with friends
    18. knit, sew or quilt
    19. watch TV/a good movie
    20. get a massage


love me some comment love… thanks so much for taking the time to share your heart with me!