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Thursday, March 19, 2009

betcha didn't know

well, in the whole i can't always think of something to write about problem in my life, i've stumbled upon a friend (i know, i call all of these strangers i meet out in mommy-blogdom friends) who has invited me to participate in… you guessed it… betcha didn't know!

and i really wouldn't tell you something about myself that you didn't know if it wasn't for a chance to win some completely awesome twilight stuff. otherwise, i'd keep my dark secrets to myself.

pretty much i could say anything here, because frankly, hardly anyone will read this, and those who actually do follow this blog probably don't know me well enough to determine whether or not this is all crap.

for me to know, and you to find out!

my brother is old enough to be my dad. my parents raised kids for 38 years. whatintheworld! i'm exhausted after 19!

i once had 120 steristrips (think: butterflies for wound care) that would nowadays be staples. i had a major spinal fusion when i was 16. i remember every one of those 120 stereostrips being removed from my back. felt like a fingernail gouging down the center of the incision. sorry, betcha didn't want to know that!

one of my legs is about 1/2 inch longer than the other. makes for lots of fun finding pants that are long/not too long enough. it also proved to be a hilarious problem as i was learning how to walk again after being paralyzed in the above incident. the longer leg was "droopy" and wallaby-type shoes were popular back in the day. crepey, sticky-soled shoes. i used to trip (unintentionally theatrically) in the halls at school. so not only was i the new girl (having just moved from a small town in wisconsin to an even smaller town outside of boston) in the full body cast (think: social suicide), i was the toppling totem pole in the hall. hey somebody, catch my books as they fly in every direction!! every picture of me from this little moment in history has been burned. seriously, the most painful time of my life, but in a learning to laugh at oneself kind of way. glad those days are behind me!

i lost my voice impersonating a small foam alligator-on-a-stick during the world's fair in knoxville the summer of 1982. all day long i made witty comments in a foam-alligator-on-a-stick voice. this is the same job where one of my co-workers basically recited the entire monty python and the holy grail movie while we hung up tshirts all day. it was about the only thing that made that job bearable. just goes to show you that a poor college student would do just about any job to get a free pass to the world's fair. 

there are alot more little treasures down my memory lane, but i think that's gonna have to do it for now. 

and i better win that twilight prize package. i didn't just bare my soul for nothin!


  1. That World's Fair fact is fascinating! What a cool experience though.

  2. My dh went to that fair, one of his fondest memories. OUCH on the steristrips and accident. That's GOTTA hurt. I was the short fat girl who tripped (bad ankles) during high school. At least I didn't have as far to fall lol.

  3. foam alligators lol ;)I am the one who trips both up and down stairs without a physical excuse!

  4. Awesome stuff! Well not the spinal fusion so much, that sounded horribly painful...

    I have never been to a World's Fair and have always wanted to go. Would love to hear more about your adventures at the fair.

    Good luck in the contest and thanks for entering!

  5. love the new page, it looks great and so springish ... and if you do win the twilight prize package, would you please send a vampire or werewolf my way!

  6. Wow - I'd never have guessed; never had known. When my daughter started reading the Twilight Series, she was a)afraid she was falling in love with a fictional character and b)afraid she was comparing her boyfriend to a fictional character. Gee whizzz... is it THAT good?


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