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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


we escaped some serious damage when our formerly healthy ginormous pine tree decided it was time to just let go. and it did. 

and it managed to miss our newly constructed fire pit. and the camp chair, and all of the chairs that the kids left around the pit.

it missed the trampoline, and the trees in our neighbor's yard. 

it did take out both of our fences, but nothing else was touched. not the three weiner dogs. not the dog next door.

but i shuddered to think about the larger branches impaling themselves in the ground. that must have been some thud!

and i was astounded at the lack of roots for a 50 ft. tree. crazy.

well, at least we'll have plenty of wood for the fire pit!

finally, some sun!

in a brief pocket of sunshine yesterday, the ellusive tulip has finally decided that it's time to venture out. we've been waiting for you! of course, he said he was waiting for the other flowers to wither away so more attention would be focused on him. typical.

and my all time favorite tree in the world... the red bud. more blossoms now and i positively LOVE the gorgeous purple against the chartreuse green of spring. or against the brilliant blue sky. oh, what a great tree, even if it does have a pretty silly name.

and finally, the bleeding heart. why is this little delicate gem out so early? don't you know it could still frost?? why forgoodnesssakes, it snowed in ARKANSAS of all places just the other day!! be carefull, little guys. it's not yet easter. after that, i think you'll be in the clear.

i love how springtime is busting out all over, and i don't have to walk but five steps from my door to drink it all in.

now if only we could do something about that fence.


  1. Wow! That is scary! Glad you escaped serious damage.

  2. thank goodness nothing else was damaged (or worse)!!


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