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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


my heart is burdened. but my God is good. and he hears us when we pray. 

even when we use technology to storm heaven's gates on behalf of those who are hurting.

well, it's really not a techy thing, what i propose. but it has some technical components. blogs, facebook, twitter… sort of a "where two or more are gathered…" on steroids.

it's prayer, people. straight up, talk-to-the-Lord stuff. on-0ur-knees, praying-out-loud, groans-of-our-hearts, beseeching to the Father. the sort of low-tech communication that makes our Father's heart sing. 

little stellan is still struggling. and his mommy, who is usually a-twittering and a-blogging all the time is painfully silent. could mean just about anything, but i know she and her sweet family needs our knees right about now.

and here is where the techy stuff comes in.

karina is organizing a prayer vigil for stellan and his mckfamily. stop by and sign up.

angie has some thoughtful ideas of how it looks to pray. i couldn't say it any better, so i won't.




and encourage prayer warriors to intercede on stellan's behalf. and whatever the outcome, may God get the glory and praise.


and for more truely inspired thoughts on prayer, mckmamma has recently updated her site. stellan is still fighting to regain a normal heartrate, but ultimately, God is in control. and while we can't change God, he can certainly change us. and our prayers will not be falling on deaf ears. nosirree.

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  1. Just trying to get the word out but we have reinstated STELLAN's photo gallery (if you were around when it started you may remember it). Anyway... we hope it is an encouragement to MckMama. Head over to this site to read more about it and join in:



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