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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


while i'm not really a television junkie, there are a coupla shows that i really enjoy, and for different reasons. . . sometimes because it's just a sweet time to share life with my soon-to-be-college-student-daughter, and sometimes just because.

like many people my age (face it, the demographics for this show is older women), i am all about dancing with the stars. i've watched it pretty faithfully for the past 3 or so seasons, and i find it inspiring, and i really enjoy watching people improve over the weeks. i will be interested if there's any hope for the apple computer guy… i like him, but bless his heart, he has two left feet!! but a positive and fighting spirit! yay for awkwardness!

i'm so excited to see that melissa has been picked up for the show. i really hope she does well. of course all i know about her is from what i saw on that train-wreck of a show the bachelor, but she seems like a super positive person, and maybe now we'll get to see her parents!

after getting caught up into all the unfortunate drama on TB, i'm really happy that melissa has a chance to strut her stuff (but enough with the glitter on the tramp stamp!).  i'll be tuning in to cheer her on.

oh, and we're enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass (love it when boy wonder takes care of business!!) and the sight of the blooming bradford pears (notice i didn't say the smell of blooming bradford pears… i'm not trying to second guess God, but why make such a beautiful tree smell like rotting shrimp in the spring?? oh well, i'm sure there's a good reason, God!). oh how i love spring!!!

so that's all i got today. i'm super busy trying to work after being out of the office all morning (and what do i do? i blog?? hellooooo…) and i gotta try to get something accomplished.

till next time…


  1. I really liked Melissa, and liked her when she was on the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader show, but it's sort of odd that she's doing another reality tv show.

  2. i didn't know there even WAS a dallas cheerleader's show. and now that you mention it, i was kinda surprised she'd do another reality show. maybe they offered her some perks. like glitter on her tramp stamp.


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