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Monday, March 2, 2009

now who's growling??

well, it's another installment of not me! monday, and you can check out everything that noone is admitting to doing over the past week over at mckmamma's blog

this has been a relatively quiet week, which all began with me not blog-stalking mckmamma all monday morning while i waited for all the sleepyheads on the west coast to wake up. nooooo, i didn't spend a really unproductive morning that would have steam shooting out of my boss's ears if he knew how many times i checked the site. no, that would probably get me fired, but then again i certainly don't sleep with my boss, or am not married to him, so i guess i don't have to worry… too much.

my heart didn't almost split in two during the ash wednesday service when i was faced with my own pride. no, i'm certainly not still struggling with the whole notion of "me" and am not finding my lenten sacrifice of all things "me" a huge battle. but i am happy to report that i have been making progress (or maybe i'm not making progress. i'm not exactly sure how to say that "not-me" style).

i didn't almost pee on myself (just a little) when the Lord opened the door that had been closed for months, allowing me to actually GO on the m-trip to ch*na that i have been planning (but not going) for july. no, that would be a little over the top, so i had to be content with not squealing over His mightiness!

i wasn't just as excited as a child is for christmas at the opening of our church's M-conference. nope, i don't look forward to over 30 families converging on a week-long festival where we all share what the Lord is doing all over the world and in our own backyards. i didn't bawl like a baby during worship, and i certainly would not be caught with my arms raised over my head (afterall, we are the frozen chosen, and WHO does that in public??).

and i most certainly did not make my not-me list in my head as i was lying awake at 2 am waiting for my little weiner dog (the last of three) who had not gone and run off like a crazy pack of dogs with the temperatures in the 20s just before going to bed last nite. no, i wasn't slightly irritated when i had just drifted off after checking every half hour if he had returned, only to be awakened by the please-let-me-in bark at 2:30. now who's growling??



  1. totally understand about the stalking thing, that is how i was #3 last week~ yeah, i have no life lol~ glad you had a good week, happy monday!

  2. Great post. I am new to your site but love it. I am excited for the door the Lord opened for ch*na! It is so exciting to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. What a grand adventure!

    Stop by when you have a moment. I write a blog to encourage women in the fine art of CHristian mothering. Blessings.

  3. What a GREAT post! How exciting to get to go on such a phenomenal trip!

    I too was NOT was blogstalking and STILL ended up number 12 - WHAT!

    Thanks again for visiting my blog!

  4. Loved this post. I had to laugh at the referrence to the "frozen chosen", yep, me too.



  5. Have a great week and thanks for letting me know that I am not alone ;)

  6. now i remember why i don't have any pets!! i would be growling too lol~

  7. I am glad to know that I am not the only person who cries at church. But, it makes me feel so horribly embarrassed. And once I start, I cannot for the life of me stop. And, I am not really what you’d call a “crier”! But sometimes, the emotions evoked by the simplest of messages, or a familiar hymn send me over the edge and I honestly hate it when I do that. Seriously. Blubbering like a baby. Sheesh!
    I will have to check out your other blog to learn about Ch*na (not sure why there is a * there?) But if it’s a good thing, I am happy for you! ~ Becky

  8. Awesome doggy picture!!!

    I am glad you did not pee yourself. I had to type it because I love that you used that expression!

    Yeah for the m-trip!!!


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